AI Magic Tool from Text

Create an image from nothing but text prompt in mere seconds.

SoulGen AI art tool makes your dream character come to reality.

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Create Portrait of Someone Lookalike

Make your created AI character look like someone!

Upload a reference photo and ask AI to draw a character with the face of someone lookalike.

Create Portrait of Someone Lookalike

Edit your image

AI tool that will activate your creative superpowers. Add, extend, and remove content from your images with simple text prompts.

Your imagination is unlimited. Now your power to create is too. 3 steps to receive what you want in your image. You can upload any images or select from your creations, then select content from your images and input text and you will get what you want.

Edit your image

Explore Never-Ending Images

Expand your image beyond your imagination with AI Outpainting!

Resize image and enter text prompt to add new elements to your picture, like background, characters and more.

Explore Never-Ending Images

Create Real Soulmate with Imagination

As an easy-to-use AI Magic Tool, Soulgen aims to fullfill your dream with great effort.

Describe your dream character with simply words and we will create your art in mere seconds. Making soulmate has never been this easy and real!

Create Real Soulmate with Imagination

How to Get AI Created Images in 3 Steps?

SoulGen AI Art Tool comes with easy-to-use and user-friendly interface. Make AI created images in 3 steps:


Log in your account or get free trial if you do not have one.


Enter your description or our prompt.


Click Create.

AI Art Tool FAQs

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